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What would you say if some-one was to ask you to list three or four most significant points that can make or break a college fundraiser? Let us try and go through the features that make a college fundraiser unique.
  1. Tapping the right senses – College means youth and youth means energy; there’s a lot of energy in a college environment. But how do you get the best out of it. By appealing to the higher and nobler instincts of youth and getting them to pitch in for their educational institution.
  2. Choosing the right fundraising programs – You have to be spot-on in selecting fundraising programs for a college event; you can really go boom boom if you can get folks enthused. For guys, it could mean anything adrenalin pumping, for girls it could be something that stokes competition. Maybe air-gun shooting for the guys and softball for the girls.
  3. Getting the theme right – Align the events and fundraising to the cause. Let there be coherence between the cause of fundraising and the efforts. The volunteers should know what they are doing and why, once this is accomplished. It becomes easy to ask for funds. You can reach out to people in...