May 15 2012

Breast cancer fundraising ideas that work

Breast cancer is one of the biggest scourges faced by womenfolk and what’s worse is that if left untreated, it kills. Any effort to spread awareness about it is welcome. This is because this is a curable condition if detected in time. Here are some breast cancer fundraising ideas that you can employ to raise funds for your charity or organization.

Plan an evening in an auditorium which covers information on the subject via documentaries on breast cancer and a question –answer session with an expert on the subject. The proceedings from an entry charge go towards the relevant charity.

Another idea is to host a breast cancer check-up camp for a very nominal fee. It will no doubt attract attention and get good attendance from women. Ensure that the event happens on a weekend so that you get more people attending it.

Hitch your fundraiser to an existing event. This way you won’t have to look for space or hunt too hard for footfalls. Set up a booth in a fair and sell what you think will sell – cakes, pastries, savories, knick-knacks, lemonade, anything… let it be known that it’s all for a good cause and that the proceedings will go to charity.

One of the great things about fundraisers is that if the subject or the cause holds appeal then people don’t hold back. And one of the best settings for people to donate is a silent auction. This idea is a powerful one to raise funds for your breast cancer charity. You can auction off items that are relevant to the cause.

The color pink has a strong association with all things feminine and you can sell pink ribbons, t-shirts, wristbands, hair-bands, shoes, socks, etc.
Everybody loves freebies so you can consider a tie- up with a company that will give you some free stuff to distribute in exchange of publicity. It could be an ice cream cup or a lollipop but it will do its work in getting you the traffic to your fundraising event.
A good thing with events such as these is that businesses are always on the lookout for a cause they can associate with; it sends out positive vibes about their business to the public and they love it. Breast cancer awareness is something that a lot of businesses would love to associate with.

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