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Dances are popular with junior high and high schools, but they often take lots of planning and good organization to make them successful. A 1950’s dance is a very traditional theme, back when good ol’ rock n’ roll was just getting started. Here are five success tips to make sure your 1950’s dance will rock!

1. Get Everyone Involved

A dance will not be successful unless those you hope to attend are interested in it, no matter what the theme is. Talk with your students and see how interested they are in having this dance with this them. Then make up your planning committee with people who were most vocal. Be sure the students on your committee are not already overly committed with extra cirricular actifities or are having academic issues, so you know they have the time and ability to work on planning. Committee leaders can make up a list of small volunteer jobs or things that other students can do or things to bring. This way many people can be involved in making the dance successful, even they don’t have a lot of time to help ahead of time.

2. Set a Date

Finding the perfect date for your 1950’s theme...