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Most people know about the annual Boy Scout popcorn sale. Every year scouts sell the Trail's End popcorn that comes in many different flavors. My husband bought a whole case, one of each flavor, for the second year in a row. Can we eat that much popcorn? Probably not. That's why some of it went in the family stockings. ;) Two Boy scouts vie for top popcorn fundraiser salesman from KSAT Television in San Antonio, TX Cub Scouts popcorn program from Top School Fundraisers Many packs across the country have another annual fundraiser starting the day after Christmas. They pick up the live trees from homes for recycling collection. The Statesman-Journal in Oregon reports in Scouts win with tree-recycling job:
Troop 20 nets anywhere from $1,500 to $2,800 each year from tree collection, said Paul Guthrie, the assistant scout master. That far surpasses proceeds from sales of food products, ranging from candy and cookie dough to popcorn and pepperoni, he said.
Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts stay busy all near, not just fundraising. Here are a few other good links about scouting activities: Pinewood Derby Nights: The NASCAR...