Apr 2 2013

Cool fundraising ideas for kids

If you wish to enliven fundraising proceedings, the best thing that you can do to throw kids into the mix. Kids bring enthusiasm and innocence with them.

• An art gallery – Get kids to get creative. Provide them with the means to bring out their artistic side. Arts and crafts items created by kids can then be sold for charity. Or you can hold an auction.
• Sports – There is no end to the number of activities that you can have kids involved in. For example, athletics, football, hockey, basketball, etc. money can be raised by levying a participation fee, charging the audience, selling gear, etc.
• Car wash – Get the kids to spread out in the neighborhood on offer to wash cars. This is a great way to not only earn some money, but also spread the word about the cause. This activity can be combined with others such as lawnmowing, babysitting, running errands, etc.
• Egg decorating contest – A perfect fundraising event to enthuse parents and kids. It calls for very little investment from your side. This supply participating kids with hard-boiled eggs and sketch pens. The best designs win.
• Karaoke event – A surefire attraction. You can even get the parents to participate. Everyone fancies himself as a singer. And this fundraiser gives the kids an opportunity to show off their singing skills.
• Quiz – You don’t have to work too hard to organise a quiz. There are always enough and more questions to ask. The quiz can be either an individual or team event. Can be held either indoors or outdoors. There are many parents that wish to stoke the cerebral aspect of their wards and such a program is sure to find favour with them.
• Treasure Hunt – Children love mystery, and will easily get involved in activities such as treasure hunts. You can make this a half day or full-day event.

There is no end to the number of events that you can organize keeping kids in mind.

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