Sep 24 2007

Discount Card Fundraiser – How Much $$ Can Be Raised?

Discount Card FundraiserIn my last blog post I talked about the basics of a discount card fundraiser, what it is and how they work. Today we’re going to discuss the fundraising potential of this kind of program.

Now one of the most important things when choosing ANY fundraiser for your school, sports team or youth group is deciding on a goal, i.e. how much MONEY you need to raise. Once you have that goal take a long hard look at the fundraisers you are considering. Ask yourself and your committee if these programs are realistically going to be able to allow you to reach that goal. The number of participating volunteer fundraisers and just how motivated they are is important. But with some programs you may just not be able to get the volume of sales or manpower for the event for it to work.

With that said, let’s take a look at the discount card fundraiser. With this program your group makes $7.00-$9.00 profit per card depending on the number of cards ordered. The price per card depends on the number of cards that you order, as with most things they give you a better price the more you buy.

So how many cards can you really sell? Being very conservative, each member or family in your group can at the bare minimum buy one card for their own family. So let’s suppose you have 50 families. That’s 50 cards sold for a fundraising result of $350. That’s just with every person or family buying one card for themselves!

Many people in your group can sell at least 5 or 10 cards each. As with everything there will be a few people who sell only one or two, and a few that can sell 15 or more. Let’s take that example group of 50 again and say an average of 5 cards per person. When you order 250 cards the price drops to just $2 each… and your group takes home $2000. Not bad, eh?

As you can see the profit potential is very high, it just depends on your participation level. And as I mentioned before, these cards provide a good value for your supporters and they are easy to sell.

Check out this Profit Potential Chart to see the possibilities…

Discount Card Profit Chart

Now with Fast Track Fundraising there is also no minimum order. Unlike other companies that have a minimum of at least 500 cards, they do not have a minimum order. This enables smaller groups to participate in this fundraiser, who couldn’t otherwise.

This is a fundraiser that many different groups can do from small to large school wide campaigns and everything in between.

Click here to get more information or get started with this fundraiser

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