Apr 4 2013

Fundraising companies in Florida

There’s no dearth of fundraising companies in the state of Florida; the question is which one should you choose for your fundraiser. A cursory search on the internet will throw up many contenders. And they’re all good. You want to work with one that satisfies your needs and what are these needs.

If you are based in Tallahassee, you obviously would wish to team up with a local fundraising company and not one based in Orlando, Florida. Simple logistical common sense at play here.

Many Floridian fundraising companies specialize in certain types of fundraisers. You can get an idea about this from their websites or through reference checks. You may want a raffles fundraiser because it worked for you the last time or it could be an auction, or a cake-bake…anything. The most important thing is to work with guys that have the credentials. This ensures maximum returns on your investment.

Returns on investments also depend upon the terms that the fundraising company has in place. You can hope to get good returns and a successful fundraiser with Florida fundraising companies that make use of the natural resources abundant in the state. Go for a fundraiser that involves oranges, the beach, a trip to the Everglades, be creative. What are the things that are cheap in Flordia and can attract and entice donors? Give it a thought.

There is no dearth of fundraising companies in Florida that offer fundraising opportunities out of the ordinary. And many do not even expect any upfront money. This is an ideal scenario for smaller organizations.

There are some that promise up to 90% profits. How sweet is that? It’s all out there, you need to take your calls in a judicious manner. Florida folk are known for their generosity and support for causes. Spread the word about your cause and people will come.

Holidays can be a good time to hold a fundraiser. Keep an eye open for upcoming holidays, you can really make it count if the holidays happen to be on a weekend. You get at least three days to make things happen.

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