Apr 24 2007

High School Football Fundraisers – Start Planning Now

Even though high school football season is months away, it’s time to start now when it comes to planning for fundraisers.

High school football boosters are some of the most dedicated volunteers. Many parents have been supporting their children in sports activities since elementary school youth sports. They are often excited for their kids to be playing sports at the high school level and are dedicated football booster club members.

Concession stands are one of the most popular ways that football booster clubs raise funds. Most spectators want to purchase food and drinks at the games anyway, so this is a matter of giving people what they really want. Often the lines at the football game concession stand can be very long indeed!

If another organization is in charge of the concession stand, football boosters can work with them to man the booth and split the profits. Otherwise, with the support of the other organizations, they can host their own small booth once or twice during the season.

Another popular fundraising idea for football boosters is the sale of spirit items. These are items that school team fans can buy, wear or use to show their support. T-shirts, stadium seats, noisemakers and buttons are just a few of the popular spirit items. These items are sold at pep rallies, through fliers sent home with students and at the games.

These are just two of the many fundraising options that school athletic booster clubs can choose. Groups should evaluate all of the options to find the most effective and profitable fundraiser for their school.

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