Jan 16 2009

How Can Cheerleaders Succeed In Fundraising

Cheerleading in the U.S is serious business and fundraising for the cheer squad is taken seriously too. Cheerleaders and cheer coaches should ideally go in for fundraisers that can keep the cheer troupe interested; basically fun ideas that will get the audience to participate and reach out for their purses.

Ask questions to the cheerleaders as well as those whom you consider prospective customers. Find out what they like. Look back on successful fund raisers in the past, see what worked. At any given fundraiser try to focus the energies on a single objective, preferably one that cheerleaders are passionate about. This could mean a fundraiser for their uniforms or to raise funds for a long-distance trip.

You can tap into local businesses for fundraising collaborations. For example, you can hold small competitions for kids where the winner gets garments donated by local stores as prizes. If you wish you can charge a small entry fee. Or you can hold a bottle drive in your community. Inform community members in advance that the cheerleaders will be coming on a given date to collect bottles as a part of a fundraising program.

Cheerleading fundraisers can also tap into the school spirit of students; cheerleaders can make badges with the school colors and sell them to the students for a dollar or two.
There are many products tailored to suit the fundraising needs of cheerleaders. So you have candy-filled poms that you can sell at your fundraising drive. You can also sell used cheerleading uniforms and other cheerleading accessories.

The internet has opened up a whole new avenue for obtaining information. You can research online on cheerleading fundraiser ideas that will get the buyers enthused and also get you good margins on the sales. A good thing to remember is that every sale opportunity can be made to yield better returns if you combine the principles of up-selling and cross-selling to it. So, if you plan to sell posters of sportspersons you can also include posters of the school football team. A person purchasing a pizza can be expected to purchase a soft drink with it. So stock stuff that you can promote in a seamless manner.

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