Jul 3 2012

How to take your college fundraiser online

College fundraisers have the advantage of a workforce that is energetic and also tech-savvy. Combine the two and you get a great combination to take your college fundraising online. A successful online fundraiser has many benefits.

It increases your reach manifold. And it is up to you to get them to support your cause. The first step is to set up a website. Get a website with a name that reflects your charities’ name and ethos. On the landing page or home page, place content and easy navigation that encourages the visitors to delve deeper and explore. WordPress is a great content management system that enables easy putting up of content and also the all-important SEO.

The website fulfills the following functions –
• Reaching out to people so that more people come to know about the work you are doing.
• Increase your donor database.
• Sharing your success so that readers know that giving a donation will make a difference.
• Share your accounts so that people know that everything you do is above-board.
• A donate button lets people share funds easily.
• Maintain a blog so that new happenings can be made known, new projects and be announced and public curiosity can be piqued. Write articles on subjects that will help readers such as on car repair or even strawberry allergy.
• A website can be used to increase participation in the real world by sending out invitations online instead of by post; it saves both time and money.
• An opt-in mailing list will invariably include those that are genuinely interested; that is the reason that they have opted in.

You can sell a lot of stuff online from your website. Anything that can be direct delivered from a store to the buyer can be sold. This includes plant seeds, cake dough, cookie bars, and even ice creams. You can also sell scratch cards.

Or think out of the box and sell survival gear and autographed baseball bats. Choose products that cover different price ranges. Make it known that the proceeds will go to charity. A website also increases your chances of a tie-up with other businesses and you can run your adverts on their websites while giving them space on yours.

You can also try to get some links on .edu websites, these websites are respected by search engines and links on them carry a lot of weight. Why? You can even sell movie tickets here. Just make sure to use a lot of savvy. Balance is the key. It is not very difficult to get love from the search engines or from the readers; the process requires diligent effort.

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