Jul 2 2012

Lollipop fundraiser ideas for your charity

Ah! Lollipops, yummy lollipops. Everybody loves them. Including dentists. Am sure, they must be enjoying these balls of goodness sneakily.
These can be incorporated into any fundraiser and you’re guaranteed to make money. Not only are these fundraisers good money raisers they are also good money savers. Transportation of lollipops is easier because they don’t require refrigeration. They sell all through the year, unlike ice cream. Another great thing about a lollipop fundraiser is that the product sells more or less on its own; you don’t have to do a lot of legwork unless you wish to go door to door and take orders that you can fulfill later, nothing wrong in such bulk selling. And lollipops lend themselves nicely to such bulk sales. You can choose different types of flavors – raspberry, bubblegum, lemon, fruity, cherry, cinnamon, etc and a lot of these have very alluring names. But what is of real allure to you is the margin- the ROI.

You should try to strike a balance between a product that will sell, give you a good margin. You can also incorporate some gourmet stuff, which may not sell like hot cakes but each sale counts for a lot.

At the very least you are guaranteed a fifty percent profit with lollipops and there are so many shapes, sizes, flavors, and varieties in these that you will be hard pressed to select a combination to sell.

A safe thing to do is to purchase a fundraising package that has a good mix of everything that is selling – you know what is known as a running item in local parlance. Find out what the minimum purchase is and if there are any volume discounts. What is the cost of transportation and what is the returns policy. Do not buy more than what you can sell. You can store lollipops but you will simply be blocking your capital. Usually, these lollipops sell for 50 cents but if you wish you can sell them for lower, your margin may go down but you will most likely sell more and volume sales can give you a better bottom line.

You will be running a tight schedule and will have to see that the material arrives in time for the event. Choose a company that delivers the product on time; it needs to have the logistical support.

Whatever the nature of the fundraiser, you can add lollipops to the mix for some sweetness.

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