Jul 20 2011

Points to Consider in a School Fundraiser

Schools in the U.S have been facing an aid cut and are finding it difficult to meet expenses. Even if your school is not amongst these, it is best that you try and acquire as much monetary independence as possible. And for this, school fundraisers are a good medium. A regular annual calendar diligently followed can lead to a steady income for schools. The money can be used for operational expenses or to run programs. A good thing is that schools will always have an army of volunteers to do the fundraising work – students and also staff to guide them. If the school has a church attached to it, then there is a sizable captive audience to tap. In fact, school and church fundraisers can be clubbed together.

A large-scale fundraiser held even once a year can net a school enough money to ensure that the quality of education does not suffer and students are not forced to choose between study and sports; they get a healthy mix of everything essential for best development of mind and body. Fundraisers are also a time for community interaction. You learn about members that contribute to your school, their pet preferences and projects that they’d rather support. Sometimes, schools prefer to go with the services of a school fundraising company; that’s not a bad idea. If it is a big fundraiser that you are planning; something on the lines of a once-a-year fundraiser then you can enlist a company that specializes in school fundraisers. Choose the products that you are going to sell, you have a wide variety of consumable and non-consumable items to select from. The school fundraising company takes care of logistics and the organization; you pay them a fee and keep the profits.

There are always some items that yield high returns and then there are some that are high selling. Your school fundraiser should have a balanced mix of the two. If the fundraiser is held close to Christmas time, you can throw in Christmas cards in the mix. On your part, you have to try your level best to get people to attend. Incentivize. Think on how you can get people out of their homes and to your fundraiser.

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