May 2 2013

School Fundraisers in North Carolina

North Carolina, the good ol’ Tar Heel state, is known for the generosity of its inhabitants. So, if you are planning a fundraiser in any of the cities here you can achieve success with proper effort. Here are some tips that will work for you regardless of whether you are in Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh…anywhere.

Choose a company, and you can choose from the many that have a presence online, that has the experience of working with schools, sports organizations, cheer-leading groups, etc. The events and logistical effort required is more or less the same here. A fundraising company that can manage both large and small fundraisers is best, because sooner or later you will scale your operations and it’s a good idea to work with a fundraising company with which you have developed some rapport.

Basically, choose school fundraisers specialist in North Carolina that has the necessary expertise in dealing with operations of your scale.
If the fundraiser is to be held simultaneously over multiple locations, then check with your North Carolina fundraising company if it can deliver and if the scale of the operation makes you eligible for some discounts.

As a part of your research you may wish to find out about the type of fundraisers that work best in your district. You can get this information from the fundraising company. Cookie dough fundraisers for schools are popular not just in NC but all over America.

You can choose between pre-sale or direct sale fundraisers; pre-sale fundraisers will not require an upfront investment from you. You buy only what you manage to sell to the customers by showing them brochures. Map out the time-frame from placing an order to the delivery arriving at the site of the fundraiser.

Finally, make it a point to be aware of the tax laws regarding fundraising in NC. You can get the details from the Department of Revenue.

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