May 16 2012

Some pointers for fundraising events

A fundraiser event has to be planned and executed such that you get maximum bang for the buck. Make a budget and then try your best to stick to it. The budget will incorporate all the various allocations –f or venue, promotions, prizes, etc.

A fundraising event that has dedicated volunteers working for it has a much greater chance of succeeding and that too with low expenditure. A committed force of volunteers can handle and delegate tasks that would otherwise have to be handed over to paid work persons.

Are you reaching out to the right people? It’s important that your marketing efforts be targeted. You can get an idea about the people you should be targeting from your previous interactions and fundraisers. You should compare responses to emails sent and the interest that you are able to generate on online forums and social media sites.

A fundraising event that can attract donations irrespective of the physical presence of the donor requires a very good social media strategy. You need to reach out to the people in as large numbers as possible.

The success of a fundraiser depends to a large extent on the extent of relationship building that you have done. Basically, the work done all year round has a bearing on the success of the fundraiser. And this relationship building has to be done with not just existing and potential donors but also businesses with whom your charity can strike a synergistic partnership. In fact, a partnership with a hotel, food chain, grocery store, or even a bookstore can add substantially to the amount you will earn. A fundraiser for kids would do well to tie-up with a pizza shop and get some discount coupons.

If your fundraising event can get into good partnerships then it is to your benefit.

Another useful thing to keep in mind is that a lot of fundraising events are best carried out at the right time of the year; seasonal fundraisers can make a lot of money. For example, you have fundraisers for Thanksgiving; Valentine’s Day; Christmas; and for various sporting events.
Today, it is possible to accept donations in multiple forms. You can take cash, online donations, checks, etc. Make it easy for the donors to share.
There are enough and more fundraising events that you can choose from. A little research online will place at your disposal a wealth of information that you can use in a profitable manner.

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