Apr 8 2013

Successful Church Fundraising Ideas for Florida Folks

One of the best ways to learn about the whole concept of fundraising is to get involved with a church fundraiser. If you happen to be a resident of the sunny state of Florida, you have many options and you can check out different fundraising concepts to raise funds for your church.

A very important choice to make first up is between tried and tested ideas on one side and new fundraising concepts on the other.  For example, a bake sale is a standard fundraising event, while a sports event for senior citizens is something different.

When you go to church you meet different kinds of people.  It is an opportunity to network and make friends.  Make use of this opportunity to create a list of donors from the congregation.  Learn about the interests of people, what moves them, their family, and of course the financial status.  Factor in this information when you wish to decide upon an appropriate fundraising event for your church.

When you raise funds for your church, you help an environment in which people find peace.  It is only appropriate that to promote your church; you choose fundraising ideas that are safe for the environment and at the same time, are good for the physical, mental and spiritual health of people.  You can also use the opportunity to show solidarity with American manufacturing sector or American industry in general, which has been reeling under an onslaught from “made in china” goods.

Let’s consider a few fundraising ideas that usually click with donors.

Quiz – This offers a lot of scope for fun, entertainment, and of course learning.  You could call it infotainment if you wish.  Quizzes are easy to organize.  These do not require a lot of equipment.  You do not even have to team up with a fundraising company for this, this can be completely in-house.  You straightaway save on cost.  The theme of the quiz can be religious; it could be current affairs; it could be sports; etc.

Recipe booklet – This is invariably a hit with the ladies.  And there is no end to what you can come up with in such a booklet.  Involve local parishioners.  Get them to contribute recipes.  Give them a theme.  This could be soups, rice dishes, gravies, bakes cakes, etc. This event can be combined with a food tasting festival from which the top fifteen to twenty dishes make it to the recipe booklet.

Car wash – This is an evergreen fundraiser and is an example of the type that does not require an audience to congregate at a venue.  You go to the donor.  You do some work for the donor and expect to get paid for it.

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