May 14 2012

Unique fundraising ideas for you

Fundraisers that carry an innovative twist improve your chances of garnering footfalls and also meeting your fundraiser target. In fact, it has become imperative these days that you let your creative juices flow so that visitors to your event do not get the feeling of déjà vu. They should have something new to see and experience. Of course, the bottom-line is that you should reach out to the minds and pockets of the people involved.

So what is the kind of thinking and preparation that goes into coming up with a unique fundraiser that is also unforgettable for those that attend. Donor participation is often a great idea to incorporate. Keep it in mind that these events need not make a hole in your pocket or the donor’s. In fact, this is a big plus with creative and well-thought out fundraising ideas that they do not entail any massive expenses and yet achieve fundraising targets.

Also, the event need not require congregation. For instance, you can easily do something like a “sponsored silence” in which you take a vow of silence for a day and do your utmost to maintain it; this is more fun in college and school premises where you will inevitably have a gang trying to make you to talk. Even if ten people take a vow and each gets a sponsorship of $25; this comes to $250 which is handy money indeed for a day’s work.

You can hold a competition in which air balloons are released and participants try to shoot them down; there are prizes and gift coupons in these balloons; you can charge a fee for participation in this event. Many will willingly participate, of course you’ll need to arrange for air guns or check if children’s catapults can be arranged for more easily.

Yard sales and rummage sales are good; and you can add an edge to these by holding a niche yard sale. It could be for some trinkets or maybe sports items or may be magazines. Again, you don’t have to spend anything except some effort.

Here’s something really unique. Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to help out love struck individuals and you’ll find them by the bucketful in schools and colleges. You approach their beloveds on their behalf. And for a small fee of maybe a dollar or two you gift the person something. It is totally up to the person soliciting your service if he wishes to have his name revealed.

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  2. That is a great idea for fundraising because I want to fund raise for christian community and needy peoples,
    Thanks for give me such a great idea.