Jul 4 2012

Why soccer fundraiser programs are a great idea

Soccer fundraiser programs are popular because they work and they work so well because they can be integrated into any type of fundraising; the sport is popular all over America.

Another reason why such fundraisers are popular is because they can be carried out on their own or in collaboration with a fundraising company and many such companies can be found online.

An on-field soccer tournament can have many fundraising activities built around it in order to help you raise money. And do remember that you don’t need a full-sized field, even a basketball court will do. Use a smaller sized ball and smaller goal posts.

You can hold a competition; on its own or in a fair. Tickets bring in the money; then there is food. Sporting events attract food-hungry folks that will gladly much down all the hot dogs on sale. There’s a quick buck to be made here. And there’s a fair bit to earn selling souvenirs in the form of tee-shirts, socks, cards, shoes, mags, wristbands, headbands, and more.

Once you have a crowd congregated and in the mood then it is totally up to your ingenuity and skill to make them contribute to the cause. Discount coupons are a great idea. You can team up with local businesses that include hotels, fast-food joints, supermarkets, health food shops, bookstores, malls, etc. Everybody loves a discount and if you give them a good discount via the cards or coupons, you should make a neat little pile. The deal can either be a discount or a buy one or get one free kind of deal. The shop gets business, your charity gets money, and the buyer gets a good deal.
If you plan to go with an online fundraising company then you should choose a good one; one that will send you the kit on time. Many programs offer a discount to charities and fundraisers, search for discounts on coupons and discounts sites or get in touch with the fundraising company and ask for a discount.

Scratch cards are an old-time favorite. Buy scratch cards keeping the denomination in mind. Also use the traffic that the event generates to build up your database so that the prospective patrons can be hopefully tapped at a later date.
The money raised through soccer fundraising can be used in a number of ways; usually this type of fundraising touches a chord with parents whose kids are on a football team and the team needs funds to travel, train, uniform, etc.

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  1. Soccer fundraiser programs are a great idea because sports is popular all america another reason to fundraiser is great because soccer tournament can have many fundraising activities,