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SuperFundraiser.com was amazing at connecting me with profitable fund raising ideas. Our softball team was able to raise over $50,000 from our fund raising efforts thanks to SuperFundraiser!

Lauren Brasher, Satisfied Fundraiser

Well done on launching such a great free service, Iím very impressed!

Chris Hill, SuperFundraiser.com Member

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cMarket Online Auctions

Online auctions are more popular than ever and cMarket provides the software, tools and resources for groups of all sizes to stage their own auctions. While charity auctions may be a side line for other sites, cMarket focuses entirely on generating f... Read Profile

Trivia Night Fundraiser

A Trivia Night fundraiser is a fun way to raise money or awareness for your cause. In conjunction with trivia technology company 3 Streets Trivia, Super Fundraiser is proud to offer the Trivia Night Event Wizard. This easy system will create a profes... Read Profile

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