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SuperFundraiser.com was amazing at connecting me with profitable fund raising ideas. Our softball team was able to raise over $50,000 from our fund raising efforts thanks to SuperFundraiser!

Lauren Brasher, Satisfied Fundraiser

Well done on launching such a great free service, Iím very impressed!

Chris Hill, SuperFundraiser.com Member

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Discount Cards

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Custom Discount Card Fundraiser Program             

Discount Cards are one of the best fundraisers that can be used by a wide variety of groups. A discount card is a custom printed plastic card that your volunteers sell to local residents in your community, normally for $10. The cards have coupon type offers with unlimited use for a specific time period, usually one year. 

A Discount Card Fundraiser benefits everybody:

  • Businesses like them because they bring in more customers.
  • Supporters like them because they save money.
  • Fundraising groups like them because they are highly profitable at up to $9 per card, customizable, and easy to sell. 

Why did Super Fundraiser only approve one Discount Card Provider?

We knew that before we launched SuperFundraiser.com that our team of experts  would have to speak to many fundraising companies before we chose the one (and only one) we would recommend to our groups.

There are many things that are important when choosing a discount card program: The offers you present to your potential buyers and cost to your group make a huge difference regarding the amount your group will raise as profit.

We know how to look past the smoke and mirrors that some companies use to dress up their discount cards, we know the tricks of the trade and questions we need to ask to find the winning formula for your group.

One of the main reasons we chose Fast Track Fundraising as our only Discount Card provider, is because they designate a fundraising consultant to help you obtain the deals that make the most sense to your local community! It's a lot easier than you would think to get a great deal for your community - remember the restaurant's marketing cost is $0 to get people in through their door.

If you were a local restaurant owner, who would you rather speak to; a fundraising volunteer who is going to be telling hundreds of people about your store, or a paid sales person from a company perhaps on the other side of the country, or perhaps not even located within the US! Your telephone call is only good news for them!

Cost per card:

Because of the extra little bit of work your group will do to gain the best deals for your community, you pay less for each card, which in turn earns you much more money!
You earn more because A) Each card is going to cost you less than you would normally pay, and B) You will sell more cards as the deals you helped secure will be of much more interest than a generic one restaurant offer.

There's no initial investment and no additional fees. In fact, with there is no minimum order either. The cost of the card depends on the quantity of cards purchased - anywhere from $3 to less than $1 per card. Even at the entry level a profit of $7 per card is still very good.  

High Profit Potential:

The discount card program offers so many advantages as a fundraiser. First and foremost, this fundraiser has a very high profit potential compared to other fundraisers. Most discount card companiesoffer anywhere from 50 to 90% profit.  

With Fast Track Fundraising your group earns at least 70-90% profit.  At the highest profit percentage, your group sells a card for $10 and retains $9. Your group and those who purchase cards will know that the majority of the funds will go directly to help the cause.

Strong Appeal to Buyers:

Discount cards are easy to sell because they offer such great value to the consumer. Last year a SuperFundraiser staff member bought a discount card for her local area. One of her favorite restaurants was listed, and they feature one of her favorite desserts she jumped on the deal! In just one year she ate there at least 6 or 7 times which not only saved her money, it gave her an excuse to have her favorite dessert at half price!  

It's likely that your buyers will find the offers on the back of the discount card to be worthwhile for saving them money too. When you use custom discount cards the offers all apply to your local area. You can recruit local businesses and not just chain outlets which are offered on stock cards. This definitely increases the value of the cards for your buyers

Custom discount cards appeal to businesses too because they give them an economical way to promote their products or services. They will likely attract new customers and future repeat business because of the card.

Since you collect money at the same time that the card is sold, you don't have to return to the customer again to deliver the product. This makes selling them easier and quicker than pre-order programs.

  •  Company Name: Fast Track Fundraising
  •  Fundraiser Type: Discount Cards
  •  Profit Level: up to 90%
  •  Costs: Cards cost $1-3 each depending on quantity; your group sells them for $10 each.  No minimum order, no setup free or shipping charges.


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