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SuperFundraiser.com was amazing at connecting me with profitable fund raising ideas. Our softball team was able to raise over $50,000 from our fund raising efforts thanks to SuperFundraiser!

Lauren Brasher, Satisfied Fundraiser

Well done on launching such a great free service, I’m very impressed!

Chris Hill, SuperFundraiser.com Member

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Why use SuperFundraiser.com?

    Saves you time finding suitable fundraisers

    Prevents your inbox becoming jammed with hundreds of emails from fundraising companies looking to solicit you.

    There are many websites providing fundraising information that you could visit; only SuperFundraiser.com tailors its recommendations to your particular group, after being reviewed by third party experts…

How our proprietary Fundraising Matchmaker™ technology finds the best fundraising options for you:

We know there are many options when it comes to choosing a fundraiser.  There are so many options that sometimes it can be overwhelming!  Regardless of the number of fundraising ideas you might find, what you really want is fundraisers that will be successful right?

We take into consideration many of the factors that are important in finding a fundraiser that offers you the best chance for success.

We ask you questions about your group's level of fundraising experience, location, group type, group size and goals.  There are also fundraisers that are specifically designed for certain types of groups such as schools or sports teams.  We evaluate all  these aspects before recommending programs that will be best suited for your group.

We assure you that the results that Fundraising Matchmaker™ provides will be reputable, tried and tested and that have earned the right to be approved by Super Fundraiser staff. 

Answer Just a Few Simple Questions:

1)  Answer some simple questions, which takes 60 seconds. These questions cover a broad range of topics relevant to your need to raise funds. Questions could include your level of fundraising experience, location, group type, group size, motivation level etc.

2) You will be asked just once to provide your contact information. The Fundraising Matchmaker™ results will be presented to you. You then choose which fundraising options you would like to know more about.

3) You are then matched with several fundraising options to review.  All options presented to you have been independently reviewed and evaluated by SuperFundraiser.com staff.  You choose which ones you want more information about.

It's That Simple!

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